Flatland Rider Kristen Ziegler

“I started to prove I can learn this.  I still have a long way but I want to learn all I can.  After a baby my body didn’t snap back….I found a way to get peace and back to better shape.  I am riding and spending time with my husband and we enjoy it.  I have found something I may not be great at but I am still trying and living every second of it. “

“When you have a 3 year old you need time to relax.  I ride flat to relax.  I found myself when I started riding my bike.  I haven’t been doing it that long but I enjoy it.  
My husband has been into bikes and I was never really interested.  Three years ago today I was in a hospital bed, my heart beating so fast that is was about to shut down.  I had to have a cardiac ablation and since then have been worried about working out of doing anything to strenuous…”  

“…We had a BMX Fest last year that my husband put on and we had some flatlanders come from Colorado, Jason King, Josh Hansen and a guy from here that we ride with now almost every weekend when its nice.  I didn’t even really know what flatland was until that day.  They came out and I snapped photos like crazy.  I couldn’t stop talking about it.  With in a week or two I had my bike. I was out working every night after I got off work and my daughter went to bed. It was a drug, something I needed to do.  It’s what makes me amazing.  I feel amazing when I ride and after I ride.  I now ride to prove after all that has happened I can still do what I need to do and that’s to be myself. “

If you have started riding flatland recently please write us.  We want to know why you are into flatland so we can share with other girls our passion for riding! If you are chosen for a feature you will receive a free shirt.

Send us any questions about flatland, or if you’d like to get connected with riders in your area, or if want some help/tips on learning tricks.
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