Safety Check with Peta Shepherd

Just as you all requested, a safety check with Peta Shepherd! Check out her gear below and enjoy the new riding pictures taken by Angela Dobbie. Let us know who else you want to see a safety check from by commenting below.

Ok, so I wear a fair bit of safety gear… I hate getting hurt! but love trying new tricks and try push my limits every time I ride. I’ll start bottom to top.

Ankles – 661 lace up ankle braces. I have had a fair few rolled ankles back in the day. I’ve heard they might make your ankles weaker, but I haven’t noticed that…

Shins – Fuse double padded shin pads. I love them! they just protect more of my legs for whips and front jams, a lot more then standard ones.

Knees – Poc hard cap knee pads- they are pretty flexible, then when you land on them they go hard on impact to protect.

I wear skins on my legs under my pads, just so I can get changed at the park and to also help stop rashes from the pads.

Hands – Fox Incline gloves- a thin great fitting glove, they come in girl sizes as well.

Mouth – a mouth guard I had made at the dentist. My teeth are to most expensive thing I own, after knocking four out in 2011.

Head – TSG Kraken- LOVE it!!!! best fitting hard shell helmet I could find and pretty light. It doesn’t look that funny either.

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