Flatland Rider Carolina Santos

Monday, May 6, 2013
Carolina is a dedicated and motivated rider from Spain.  Daily in BMX normal social barriers are broken down and bringing people together around the world who wouldn't have met otherwise.  Talking to Carolina her motivation to ride and learn is contagious!  Check it out...

My name is Carolina and I'm from Seville, Spain.  Although I now live in Soria!!  I have 3 years on a BMX.  Before toward street but flatland is a sport that I fell in love from the start.  I love to ride in that I feel that it makes me strong and free.  The flat is a very complex sport and you have to have patience and maturity to do so.  On a bike I feel complete and secure.  I love to go every afternoon and jumping and doing balance with my bike in lots of different ways...

Not everyone does flatland is a sport that you have to take many hours and be patient, but when the tricks begin, you feel with greater forces all those hours of training that you have led and feel happy for it a little more after many days of frustration.  I've taken 2 years with street and a few months with flatland and it's a thing I love...BMX has become part of my life and I hope that it continues to be so long.  But I would like someone to train with, for many days it's hard being alone doing tricks, but well everything's not going to be perfect.  So I'm here, riding hard!

-Carolina Santos

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