Introducing, Nikita’s Corner!

Not a lot of girls or even riders, are as hooked up as Nikita is at her age. I have a lot of respect for Nikita, she’s smart, a great rider who is continually improving and is an even better role model. Because of this, we’re giving Nikita a corner, so she can freely post here about her BMX adventures. Here is her first entry!

This past weekend was definitely a fun one! I was planning to go back to Woodward Tahoe after my contest in San Diego to see all the Woodward family again, as well as practice a few things, but hadn’t set a date yet. When I heard about The Little Big Women’s Ridestyle event happening in Truckee it was the perfect time to go! My mom and I ended up driving up to Tahoe on Saturday morning, and got there around 1, just in time for a nice long session at Woodward Tahoe. I met up with some of my buddies and while I didn’t land any new tricks, I definitely worked on them.a lot…until I literally couldn’t stand anymore. Anyways, back to the session. Everyone was sort of trying different things, but nothing real big was going down.

All of a sudden this dude Ben decides, “I’m going to try a double flip”. So there he goes, throws it, and almost lands it clean. Well word traveled fast around the bunker, and pretty soon almost the entire place had gathered around the resi to watch what was going down. That prompted Chase to decide that he wanted to try a double flip as well…so there he went, BOOM. Landed clean. The whole bunker goes crazy. So of course that get’s everyone else super pumped, and we all start throwing down. 1080’s, flip trains, flip whips, al sorts of stuff, while the Woodward Tahoe bunker watched and cheered. It was a super cool feeling, like an impromptu BMX demo. It was definitely a good time. Around 8:00pm I got to watch the premiere of this cool skate documentary called Underexposed. The girl who directed it, Amelia Brodka (also a women’s pro skateboarder) was there and it was really cool meeting her and seeing her film, as it documented a very similar situation to women’s BMX.

The next morning, we headed over to the Truckee Pump Track, where I was to compete in The Little Big, a Women’s Ridestyle event. It was definitely a little bit intimidating when I got there, I’ve only ridden dirt a few times, and definitely had never tricked it. It was definitely sketchy at first, as it was more of a pump track with some medium jumps, very tight, and very fast. It was super cool to be up there with the pro MTB girls, like Kat Sweet, Lisa Tharp, Stephanie Nychka, Cortney Knudson, and a bunch more, and the contest was really fun! It was jam format, so we got a bunch of runs to try what we needed. I couldn’t match up to the MTB style that the rest of the girls had, but I did manage to throw bars, 1 footed euros, and cans over some of the jumps, which I am still super stoked about!
All in all, it was a great time, I definitely progressed a little, and I met some really awesome people! Just another adventure my bike has taken me on.

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