What Did You Do This Summer?

Angie MarieOctober 4, 2013

This summer was by far the most eventful one yet.  Some of the things I got to do were, 3 years ago, only existent in my dreams.  I feel like to me, every little thing I am able to do is blown up even more because of that fact that it means I’m beating my anxiety little by little.  So not only am I achieving my BMX dreams, but I’m overcoming huge challenges at the same time.  Such a great feeling!

Let’s start with the first event of the year.  Recon Tour in San Jose, CA.  First contest of the summer, 104 degrees, and some intense shredding.  Lake Cunnignham Regional Skatepark is definitely not the best set up for a competition, and the heat got the best of me, but it was still a good time hanging with everyone for sure!  Fortunately, I was feeling better on the way home, and I stopped in Clayton, CA to ride a BMX show!

Next, it was time to hit Woodward Tahoe! I went back as a Junior Counselor this year, and as usual had a great time riding bikes, hanging out, and enjoying the beautiful Tahoe summer weather.  Woodward Tahoe has been a huge part of my life since it’s opening year in 2012, and because of their amazing staff and accommodations, I was able to go there and make some huge dreams come true.

When I got back from Woodward Tahoe, I got some bad news.  Ramp Rats, the indoor park and only park I ever rode would be closing.  Without Ramp Rats, I would not be where I am today.  We decided to do a Last Dance Jam and it was a bittersweet last throw down session with my Ramp Rats family.

                                                               Photo: Daniel Shulte

Just a few weeks later was the big event of the summer.  X Games.  I was lucky to get the opportunity to bring some of my FDV Clothing team riders down to LA to do demos and coach in the interactive zone.  This was a huge thing for me personally, as everything I was doing was going against my comfort zone.  But it was so worth it.  We worked hard, coaching thousands of kids for 4 days, putting on some shows for the crowd, and working booths.  Thanks to my uncle’s hotel points, we got to stay in the J.W. Marriott Live, and let me tell you, I was in awe the entire time.  One of the coolest things about X Games was finally meeting up with Nina, Angie, and Lindsay.  It was amazing getting to shred with other girls, and we had a great time!  You can read all about my day to day adventures at the X Games HERE

When I got back from X Games, I was contacted by two local newspapers to do interviews about BMX and life in general.  This was my first newspaper interview, so it was really exciting for me! The first one came out a while ago, and the second one is slated to run this Sunday! I’m really hoping that these two articles give BMX some more exposure in our town.

Next, it was back to Woodward Tahoe.  This time it was just a weekend trip, as camp season was over, but I shredded my heart out for those two days, and it was great seeing the Woodward Family again.  Also met up with my local boys so the session was definitely going off!

Photo: Alex Rubio

 I was home for a little under 2 weeks and then it was back on the road again, this time to San Diego for the Ride BMX No Fear Proving Grounds contest.  A more detailed account of my trip to SD may be popping up somewhere soon, so for now we will keep it quick!   I was definitely stoked about this contest because any event that Jon Faure puts on is always a good one, and I absolutely LOVE San Diego.  I had a great time there riding the contest, Dennis Enarson’s backyard ramps and visiting with my cousins.  I ended up taking 1st in 18+ Novice.

The last event of the summer, before I came home to rain and windstorms, was The Little Big Women’s Ridestyle event in Tahoe as well as a quick stop at Woodward Tahoe.  Read more about that here in my first installment of Nikita’s Corner.

Overall, wow! What a summer.  BMX continues to amaze me.  It’s seriously life changing.  This year I plan to absolutely kill it, do bigger and better things, and continue to follow my dreams

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