The Flatmatters Online Awards 2013


Today as I celebrate 5 years of Flatmatters Online! I am excited to present to you the “Flatmatters Online Awards 2013″ – it’s been an idea of mine to have awards for a few years now. This year felt like it was the right time to make this happen and step up and award the flatland world for all their hard work. One of the only true ways I felt I could do this was to have more than one category. There are 9 medals up for grabs (see photos). Please spread the word as much as possible, trek back through the year, check out the categories. And submit your vote when you have decided (as long as its before the deadline).

Thank you Flatland!

Flatmatters Editorial awards

* Rider of the year

* Edit of the year

Heres your list:

Reader votes (thats you!) – seven categories for you to vote!

1-Rider of the year:

2-Edit of the year:

3-Brand of the year:

4-Innovation of the year:

5-Contest Run of the year:

6-Most Progressive rider:

7-Breakthrough rider of the year:

*Only one vote per person per category.

Deadline: Monday 30th December 3pm GMT

Nominees announced: Monday 30th December 7pm GMT

Both editorial and reader choice announced: Tuesday 31st December.

How do you vote?

Send your votes through to: – entitled Flatmatters Awards 2013 – Please note: voting only counts via email.

* Medals mailed out in the new year.

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