Olympic schedule and competing roster for BMX racing

Wednesday, July 6, 2016
Photo is from the 2016 Rio Olympics Website

We are only a few weeks away until the Rio Olympics! Not sure about you, but I'm super excited! BMX racing is still a relatively young sport, which only became a medal sport at the 2008 Olympics. Since then, the top female medallists include Anne-Caroline Chausson and Mariana Pajon with a gold medal each, and Sarah Walker with silver. Within the top three, Mariana Pajon is the only competing racer - will she break the gold medal tie?

The numbers between competing women to men is half, with only 16 women in total competing vs the 32 men. This includes:

- Alise Post (United States)
- Brooke Crain (United States)
- Lauren Reynolds (Australia)
- Caroline Buchanan (Australia)
- Mariana Pajon (Columbia)
- Amanda Carr (Thailand)
- Laura Smulders (Netherlands)
- Merle Van Benthem (Netherlands)
- Elke Vanhoof (Belgium)
- Manon Valentino (France)
- Stefany Hernández (Venezuela)
- Yaroslava Bondarenko (Russia)
- Simone Christensen (Denmark)
- María Gabriela Díaz (Argentina)
- Nadja Pries(Germany)
- Priscilla Carnaval (Brazil)

Who will be the top podium finishers? Vote to the side.

Wednesday August 17th 13:30 - 15:25: Men's and Women's BMX Seeding Run (CB001)
Thursday August 18th 13:30 - 14:35: Men's Quarter-finals (CB002)
Friday August 19th 13:30 - 15:45: Men's and Women's Semi-finals, Finals (CB003)
Full schedule with other sports: https://www.rio2016.com/en/schedule-and-results

Check out the track: Olympic BMX Centre

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