Olympic Rio Recap

With the 2016 Rio Olympics done and dusted, let’s take some time to review and also check in to see where our ladies are at. We had a poll that was active for weeks up to the day of the event, and it looks like you guys knew what you were talking about. The majority of you voted in this order: Mariana Pajon, Alise Post / Caroline Buchanan with the same number of votes and Stefany Hernandez for the bronze. Good job guys! Caroline Buchanan was the favorite coming into the competition, but she did not make the main due to a crash in the semi finals. This is a sport, where anything can happen and at the same time, there are no surprises.

Your ladies in winning order
1. Mariana Pajón
2. Alise Post
3. Stefany Hernandez
4. Brooke Crain
5. Yaroslava Bondarenko
6. Elke Vanhoof
7. Laura Smulders
8. Manon Valentino

Here’s a quick recap of the semis and finals:

What a few of the ladies had to say:

Posted by Mariana Pajon on Friday, August 19, 2016

A video posted by Brooke Crain (@brookecrain32) on

That’s a wrap Rio Olympics!!! I’m proud to have been able to represent Australia at my second Olympic Games!
Off the…
Posted by Caroline Buchanan on Wednesday, August 24, 2016

A photo posted by Elke Vanhoof (@elkevanhoof91) on

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