FISE Madrid 2019 Results

Today is the last day of FISE Madrid and these are also all the finals of the competitions. The girls are in shape, they will be 8 to compete in the Wizink Center in BMX Freestyle Park, several countries represented France, Germany, England, and Spain. Charlotte Worthington and Lara Lessmann are really tight in their scores, and the judges are struggling to decide between them. But it’s the Englishman, Charlotte who will make all the difference with a clean and unpredictable tail whip which puts her at the top of the podium with 93.33 points. Lara Lessman, the German, finished in second place with 91 points with a perfect and fluid run. 
Then it is the turn of Jennifer Wohlrab and Teresa Fernandez to decide, they also pulls the wad in the ranking and again, judges must make choices. It will be Jennifer who this time will take the third place with 63.33 points against 61.67 points for Teresa. Finally, the win goes to England, the level is always more impressive among women.” –FISE

1st Charlotte Worthington 
2nd Lara Lessmann
3rd Jennifer Wohlrab
4th Teresa Azcoaga
5th Emma Finnegan
6th Daniela Moran
7th Magalie Pottier
8th Laury Perez

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