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 Alise Post with the IRC # SIREN. Photo by: Steve Diamond Elements

You know, there are so many products out there to choose from,  so we thought we’d try to help you out by focusing on tires today. We reached out to some of your favorite riders to get their recommendation! To make your life even easier, we grabbed photos and specs from these companies for you to look at too! Where to find these products? Well, we can’t help you there but your local shop would be a good start!

Photo by: Steve Diamond Elements

Rider: Alise Post – Willoughby
Discipline: Racing
Tire recommendation: IRC #SIREN signature Sam Willoughby Tires
Why? Years of development went into the rebirth of the IRC #SIREN and the finished product is the fastest rolling tire on the market. It is also “tubeless ready” if people choose to run adequate tubeless rims with them.
Preferred PSI: The SIREN tire can withstand extremely high PSI, but I usually like to run about 80 PSI.

IRC Siren Pro aka now the Sam Willoughby Signature Tires.

From IRC Tire: Designed by former World Champion, Olympic silver medalist and G.O.A.T contender Sam Willoughby, the Siren Pro offers BMX racers unparalleled performance on any track. Lightweight and fast-rolling, the 120 TPI, tubeless-ready tire rails turns, smooths out technical straightaways and provides insane grip on the gate and out of corners.

  • Tubeless Ready: The Siren Pro performs great with or without tubes. It’s Tubeless capable rigid sidewalls give you the ability to run up to 100 PSI but you may want to bump that gearing up because your going to be cruising along Quicker than ever with those higher pressures.
  • High-Pressure Casing: With a Kevlar bead and high-pressure casing, the Siren can be inflated up to 100 for ultra-low rolling resistance on smooth surface riding. The reinforced sides keep the casing from flexing as you corner, and allows you to track a perfect line. The Supple center tread conforms to the riding surface, smoothing out bumps. Combined with a high-rebound compound, this gives the Siren an incredibly low rolling-resistance.
  • 120 TPI: Supple 120 TPI shaped casing allows for minimal ground contact when rolling in a straight line. 

Photo by Naoki
Rider: Ellie Chew
Discipline: Freestyle
Tire recommendation: Demolition Momentum Tires
Why? I run the Demolition Momentum tires with white walls front and back in size 2.20. I like them because they are light and fast rolling but strong enough to not get flats too often. Also, white walls are super cool.
Preferred PSI: I run 80 front and back

Demolition Momentum Tires: Lightest wire bead tire available! Our new high pressure (110 PSI), lightweight, wire bead tire. Featuring low profile rectangle tread pattern for grip on any terrain.

  • Lightest wire bead tire available! 
  • High pressure (110 PSI), lightweight, wire bead tire 
  • Threads Per Inch (TPI): 60 
  • Low profile rectangle tread pattern 
  • Grips on any terrain 
  • Available sizes: 2.20 & 2.35 
  • Weight: 19 oz. (2.35 tire)

Rider: Laura Smulders
Discipline: Racing
Tire recommendation: Tioga FastR React
Why? Almost no rolling resistance, but still grippy in the turns! They’re fast tires!
Preferred PSI: Depends on the track, between 4.5 and 5.5 bar. (65 – 80 PSI)

Tioga FastR React: Sharing same state-of-the-art features as the FASTR, the FASTR REACT adds distinctive rows of paddle-like serrated shoulder treads designed to better “lockdown” the tire during hard acceleration to more efficiently transfer the power of each pedal stroke into forward momentum. React faster out of the gate with the FASTR REACT.

  • Grip-Pods: Pressure: sensitive traction system featuring sticky bristle knobs encased within a recess enabling and ultra-low tread profile with traction coming alive through applied force. GRIP-PODS activate automatically with natural riding motion for on-demand traction with minimal disruption to forward momentum.
  • Ultra-Low Profile Tread: Smooth tread profile – minimum rolling resistance – quicker top speed. Tried and true, no design is more efficient at maintaining velocity than a smooth tread.
  • Serrated Tread Structure: Uniquely arrange shoulder knobs designed to “lock” the tire down, enabling the tread to instantly engage under hard acceleration so your pedal power is transferred to your forward momentum with minimal energy loss.
Photo by Naoki

Rider: Maca Grasset
Discipline: Freestyle
Tire recommendation: Maxxis Grifter Folding Tire 2.10
Why? I use them because they are light and not too big, they are good for park and they don’t wear out too fast.
Preferred PSI: 90-100 PSI

Grifter Maxxis Tires: The Grifter is our most popular freestyle tire, and for good reason. The tread pattern rolls fast to help you keep your momentum and the high-volume casing softens landings. The Grifter is available in 20″ and 29″ sizes for BMX and urban assault.
  • Lightweight Freestyle Tire
  • Fast-rolling tread design 
  • High-volume casing 
  • BMX and urban assault options
Photo by Naoki

Rider: Minato Oike
Discipline: Freestyle
Tire recommendation: Maxxis DTH in the front, Total BMX Killabee in the rear
Why? Light tires are recommended, it’s easier to do the trick and you can fly high!
Preferred PSI: The front has 5.5 and the back has 6.0 pressure (79 – 90 PSI)

DTH on the right, Killabee on the left

Maxxis DTH Tires: While originally designed as a BMX race tire, the DTH has found success beyond the track including street riding, pump track, skate park, and slopestyle. The grooved slick maximizes rolling speed by minimizing drag. The DTH is available in 20″, 24″, and 26″ sizes.

  • Grooved slick tread design
  • Lightweight casing
  • Skinwall option available on select specs

Total BMX Killabee Folding Tyre: Kyle himself, Alex Coleborn and Chance Brejnakowski are some of the top riders to run the tyre for many months in testing. The feedback has been great, the tyre is fast, light and grippy and has been very durable. We are delighted to offer this high-end high-performance signature tyre.

  • Foldable light weight kevlar bead
  • Low rolling resistance centre tread to make the tyre fast
  • Micro knurling to the sidewalls for great contact grip on turning and cornering
  • 120tpi construction
  • 110 PSI max pressure rating
  • Weight- 440gms for the 2.1”
What tires do you ride and what part do you want us to cover next? 

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