Caroline Buchanan Bike Check

Take a closer look at 8x BMX & MTB World Champion and 2x Australian Olympic Athlete, Caroline Buchanan’s new setup. She niceeeeeee!

Photos by : John Prutti

Frame : Speed Co Velox Carbon Frame | Frame size: Pro
Fork : Avian Versus Tapered Carbon Forks 20mm
Stem : Box Two Front Load Stem
Bars : Box One Cromo Triple Taper Bars
Grips : ODI Sprinkles Lock-on Grips
Cranks : Box Two M30-P Crankset | Size : 175
Pedals : T Components T1-SX Pedals
Sprocket : Michram Industries Chainring | Size : 46/17
Seat and Post : Box One Saddle / Post
Seat Clamp : Box One Quick Release Seat Clamp
Brake Lever : Box One Genius Brake Leaver
Brakes : Box One Brake Arms
Brake Pads : Avian Carbon Brake Pads
Rims : Michram Industries Carbon Rims
Front Hub : Box Components 20mm Hollow Front Hub
Rear Hub : Onyx Ultra Rear Hub
Tires : Maxxis Torch Tires 1.75

Special Notes:
Graphic wrap by Magik Graphics

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