One Year Anniversary

Wow everyone, a year ago today we launched The Bloom BMX. It’s kinda crazy to see how much has been achieved in such a short amount of time, from putting together The Bloom BMX within a months time, to even getting this new website developed in just two weeks. On both occasions, I thought Angie was crazy with her timelines, but here we are now. LOL. We make a great team.

It’s our one year anniversary! Thank you so much for supporting us, spreading the message and love throughout our community. This isn’t just a website covering women’s BMX, this is something much more special, created by 2 women who have been friends for over 15 years, passionate about seeing growth in women’s BMX.

A Few Highlights From The Year in Women’s BMX

– The Bloom BMX Launching!
– Jocie Camarra doing the open loop at Swampfest (Link)
– Women’s Freestyle BMX joins BMX Racing at the Pan American Games
– Withdrawing from X Games (Link)
– Alise Post Willoughby becomes a 2 x World Champion for Racing (Link)
– Vans announce equal pay for women (Link)
– The Bloom Session at Full Factory (Link)
– Payton Ridenour First Women Champion at Red Bull Pump Track (Link)
– Hannah Roberts becomes a 2 x World Champion for Freestyle BMX (Link)
– Irina Sadovnik becomes a BMX Flatland World Champion (Link)
– Caroline Buchanan Returns From Injury (Link)
– The Bloom Session at Full Factory (Link)
– Brooke Crain speaks her truth
– NORA Cup adds Female Rider Of The Year Category (Link)
– Jessie Smith becomes a Junior World Champion (Link)
– Nikita Ducarroz winning Sister Session (Link)

In celebration of our one year anniversary, all proceeds from our online store will go towards purchasing day passes from various parks, to be given away to our readers! Keep your eyes on our socials for your opportunity to win! #supportyourpark


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