2021 Bloom BMX Flatlander of the Year

2021 was a new chapter for women’s BMX with the introduction of BMX Freestyle to the Olympics. We saw queens crowned for the first time and new BMX royalties emerge. For the next two weeks, we will be announcing each day the recipients of the remaining Bloom BMX Award categories.

Yesterday, Payton Ridenour took Racer of the year, today, we are pleased to announce Letícia Moda as your 2021 Bloom BMX Flatlander of the Year.

Letícia Moda

Letícia Moda comes from Sao Paulo, Brazil, a rising talent in the flatland community, Letícia is currently making ground in Brazil, starting with getting first at the Brazillian Flatland BMX Circuit and recently taking home gold in pro in the online FlatQueens competition. Congrats Letícia !

“Letícia Moda began riding BMX flatland in Sao Paulo Brazil only a few short years ago. Earlier this year she came in first in the Brazilian Flatland BMX circuit, and she also finished first in the Pro category of the FlatQueens BMX Flatland competition online. Letícia continues to progress rapidly, posting videos online regularly of new tricks. As one of the first females to start riding flatland in Brazil, she has inspired other girls to ride as well, and has helped to grow the flatland scene.” Paula Hesser (UCI Canadian Elite Women)

“She has a very unique riding style, she puts a lot of difficulty and creativity in her tricks and she flows like a river across her spot – Letícia Moda. Her motivation and passion for flatland is contagious, her progression super impressive and she spreads always amazing vibes with her tricks and combos – just loving it! I am super stoked and happy for her on winning “The Bloom BMX Award” for the female Flatlander of the year 2021 and I can’t wait to follow her future path and get inspired by what she is doing! Major congrats Letícia, very well deserved, and thanks for being such a cool lady! Keep on shredding and shining FlatQueen ❤️” – Irina Sadovnik (UCI World Champ)

“And here’s the verdict, we have the winner of The Bloom BMX awards 2021 in the flatland category. Letícia Moda, 25 years old from Sao Paulo, Brazil, who started riding in December 2018, surprised us all this year with dazzling progress and breathtaking tricks like hitchhiker or her well known by now “cliffhanger”. Let’s not forget that she finished 1st place at the “Flatqueens” online contest, and that was also well deserved. Letícia is a very determined girl and really seems to be a natural-born rider as she’s making some of the most difficult tricks look easy, we all know that’s just the appearance. So congratulations to Letícia for taking the award by unanimity. Way to go girl and let’s wish her to keep enjoying flatland riding the way, her next step will be “time machine”, so be prepared!!!” – Marie Meuret (@flatlandbmxgirls)

Tomorrow we will announce the 2021 Bloom BMX Street Rider of the year.

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