Quick Questions with Julia Preuss

Name: Julia Preuss
Socials: @goldhirschlein
Age: 32
Hometown: Berlin/Potsdam
Sponsors: Autum Bicycles

What is your BMX origin story – How did you get into BMX? It started when I was 13 years old. I got a new mountain bike, so I was always in the woods riding my bike like crazy. For some reason I thought, why not try BMX instead which seemed super cool to me. But I figured out that riding park or dirt might be harder than it looked. One year later I visited some girl’s workshop days during summer vacation at Mellowpark Berlin. They always wanted to show us park, which was not much fun for me. Luckily one guy used to ride Flatland and showed me some basic tricks. After that, I was super fascinated and totally motivated – even if it took longer getting better than riding Park.

What languages do you speak? German, English and a little French. I kinda started Italian for some reason.

Where would we typically find you riding? At the moment it’s a small basketball court in Babelsberg/Potsdam where I ride in the mornings before work. On weekends you might find me behind the “New Palace” which is located in one of the castle areas in Potsdam. But the best part is a small indoor spot with OSB-panels at Freiland, Potsdam where I can ride twice a week since January. My Berlin-based spot is a hockey field in Adlershof next to a huge park which used to be an old airfield.

Photos by Naoki Gaman

Top three songs to get you pumped Well, there might be a few but I am always down for some nice hip hop beats, a great rhythm and some smooth bass lines.

What is a trend in BMX you want to stop seeing? Actually, I can’t really think of anything, but I think it’s funny that bended Flatland frames are having a little comeback.

How do you spend your days off your bike? When I am not riding Flatland, I am mostly working in an architecture office. When I am not riding flatland I take gravel bike tours instead, I work out to stay in shape, I might go to the bouldering gym or take a SUP tour on one of these many lakes we have in Brandenburg. I love to share all of that with my wife and my friends. If I am in the mood I also play the bass, the piano or the drum machine.

Favourite person or crew of people to sesh with? When I moved to Berlin in 2010 I really enjoyed sessioning with the local crew! There was always someone at the spot. Best sessions ever have been with Kristian at the ICC, Berlin (that famous orange underground spot), where I even rode my bike in summer like crazy. Sometimes I’m wishing for those moments since I am riding alone 99% of my time.

Favourite shoes to ride in? At the moment Vans Chima Ferguson Pro

Most inspirational quote: Now or never.

Best advice given: If I could give advice, you should never stop doing something – even if it gets hard. When it comes to Flatland you should stick to learning basic tricks and try to roll everything with your non-regular foot! I gave up on the last two things way too early, which I sometimes regret, not continuing 18 years ago.

Best advice given to me? Probably starting a new Bachelor’s degree with 29.

Your biggest fear? Losing someone I love. When it comes to Flatland – my biggest fear would be to slip away with my tire again, crashing on my mouth which loosened my teeth. Worse feeling ever!

Your proudest accomplishment? My proudest accomplishments are contest runs – when I get off the stage having a big smile on my face, because I just had fun and did what I love. Another accomplishment is graduating in Architecture this year, which took so much time for me to decide if I want to get a second Bachelor’s degree or not. But since this was my childhood dream it was kinda … now or never. If I didn’t start that, I am sure that I would have regretted that decision later.

Three guilty pleasures:

  1. Riding Flatland for hours which causes me major back-pain issues right after
  2. A well-deserved beer after a long gravel tour
  3. Owning too many shoes.

Weirdest flatland trick name and what is it? 

Lawn Mower – It’s when you have one foot on the back peg, twisting the handlebars 180° while pulling the bike up and standing still probably stretching the other foot out. Well, I don’t really see any similarities with a lawn mower at all, so I think that’s weird. 

Your worst habit?  Maybe I am too shy sometimes?!

If you could hire someone to help you in some sort of aspect of your life, what would it be? It’s probably a personal coach which helps me with my back pain issues after riding Flatland.

Your top three future goals you want to achieve: 

  1. Riding Flatland as long as I can
  2. Probably becoming an architect, since it’s my childhood dream
  3. Gravelling the Great American Rail Trail with my wife someday

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