Bike Check with Rena Shirai

11-year-old Japanese BMX rider Rena Shirai recently blew up on Instagram for a clip where she was learning the rhythm of some new dirt jumps. We were so inspired by her determination and the hype from her crew! Check out Rena’s Barbie-inspired bike check and the famous clip below.

My dream is to become a world-class BMX rider! And I want to release my signature model in collaboration with my favorite Barbie! I want to spread the fun of BMX to girls all over the world!I love BMX ♡

Name: Rena Shirai
What is your height? 5ft
Left or Right Foot Forward? Left
Which way do you spin? Right

Frame: Tall Order 187V3 19.75″
Fork: Odyssey R25 Fork
Handlebar: Mankind Justice Bar 8.6
Stem: Colony Squareback Stem – Pink
Headset: Colony Tall Headset – Pink
Grips: Odyssey Broc Raiford SIG Grip – Pink
Seat: Sunday Wall Flower Pivotal Seat V2
Seat Post: Colony Pivotal Seat Post
Cranks: Profile BMX Race Cranks 160mm with Ti Spindle
Sprocket: Profile Spline Drive Sprocket 25T
Chain: YBN Single Speed Chain – Pink
Pedals: Shadow Surface PC Pedal – Pink
Front Tire: ARES Bikes -A- Class Kevlar Tire 1.90 Sand
Front Rim: Odyssey Hazard Lite Rim – Lavender
Front Hub: Colony Wasp Front Hub – Pink
Back Tire: ARES Bikes -A- Class Kevlar Tire 1.90 Sand
Back Rim: Odyssey Hazard Lite Rim Lavender
Back Hub: Colony Wasp Female Cassette HTB Pink

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