USABMX Freestyle Round 3 Details – Tulsa, OK

USABMX Freestyle will be in Tulsa, Oklahoma, this weekend April 21-22! Follow the details below to register in order to compete.

Location Name The Gathering Place
Address 2650 S. John Williams Way E., Tulsa, OK, 74114 US
Registration Link

Event Schedule

April 21 Practice
All-day practice session by category, beginning with 8 and Under Men

*Sample Practice Schedule:
10 am: 8 and Under Men
11am: 9-10 Men
12pm: Women Combined
1pm: 11-14 Men
2pm: 15-30 Men
3pm: 31-39 Men
4pm: Masters Men
5pm: Expert Men

*Times can change or start early based on number of contest registration.

April 21 Mongoose AM JAM
Starting approximately at 4pm, the Mongoose AM JAM will be a relaxed Jam environment where riders can earn prizes and awards for tricks and runs. THIS IS NOT A TWO RUN FORMAT.

April 22 Competition Day
Competition day by category beginning with 8 and Under Men.

April 22 HQ Jam Party!
Dinner, Riding, Hall of Fame, Fun, Music, Foot down….Fun Fun Fun after the Comp on Saturdaynight! 490 N. Lansing Ave E. Tulsa, OK 74120

April 23 Overflow Reserved Day
If the competition does not finish we reserve this day for the continuation. This will be announced prior to the event.

Unable to make it? Don’t forget about the Global Digital Series by USABMX Freestyle.

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