FISE Montpellier 23 – Women’s BMX Freestyle Semi Highlights

Rain rain go away… the semis happened over a span of two days thanks to the rain! There were intentions to run semis and then finals on the second day… but of course it rained again, pushing and delaying the schedule even further. Finals has been rescheduled for Sunday and should it rain again, the top 12 semi-final results will be final. Here are some behind the scene clips from the first day of practice and highlights from the FISE Montpellier Women’s BMX Freestyle semi.

FISE Montpellier 23 – Women’s BMX Freestyle Semi Highlights

Semi Results

  1. ROBERTS Hannah
  2. DUCARROZ Nikita
  3. BENEGAS Perris
  4. SUN Jiaqi
  5. PEREZ Laury
  6. DENG 邓Ya Wen 雅文
  7. MüLLER Kim Lea
  8. DIEHM Natalya
  9. ZHOU Huimin
  10. LESSMANN Lara Marie
  11. WOLFE Chelsea
  12. SUN Sibei
  13. MARINO Angie
  14. PEREZ GRASSET Macarena Valentina
  15. NAITO Nene
  16. VILLEGAS SERNA Queen Saray
  17. ZHENG Qian
  18. ROTH Agustina
  19. NICKI Sarah
  20. DIAZ DARMASE Katherine
  21. JALüVKOVá Katerina
  22. BETHANY Hedrick
  23. LIUBIMOVA Valeria
  24. WARD Valeria

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