Japan Cup Flatland Results

Following the Japan Cup BMX Freestyle event, the Japan Cup series had its flatland competition in Nagoya. In the women’s elite division, the final was held with 6 people, and 14-year-old rising star Ayuna Miyajima, who will be participating in the elite class this year won her first elite-level competition. Second place went to Kirara Nakagawa, and third, went to Mitsusaki Ishizaki.

1. Ayuna Miyashima
2. Kirara Nakagawa
3. Misaki Ishizaki
Girls Hi
1. Chiaki Todaka
2. Carin Hommura
3. Azusa Todaka
Girls low
1. Himari Kadoi
2. Yui Maeda
3. Kanna Hirano

Photos by Naoki Gaman.

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