USABMX Freestyle Round 3 Results – Tulsa, OK

USABMX Freestyle was in Tulsa, OK a few weekends ago for Round 3 and just like that, Round 4 is coming up! Round 3 saw Keir Sirlin go home with the top prize, followed by Jessica Ausec and Charlie Berry.

Registration is now open for Round 4, May 19-20 at Woodward Camp, PA (Click here to register), and for those who can’t make it, don’t forget about the USABMX Freestyle Digital Series.

Round 4 Woodward East May 19-21
Round 5 Salt Lake City, UT June 16-17
Round 6 Denver, NC August 18-19 (Charlotte, NC area)
Round 7 Royal Oak, MI September 23-24
Round 8 Woodward West October 20-22

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