• Spotlight: Naoki Gaman

    Beatrice April 20, 2020

    Naoki has the kind of energy that’s uplifting, bubbly and fun, and as riders, not only do we look forward to seeing her around the world, but we also hope to be captured in her lenses. Naoki has a photography style that is easily identifiable. She’s able to capture not only candid moments but also perfectly timed action shots. Today we’re interviewing our photographer, Naoki Gaman! Firstly how are you…

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  • 4Seasons Skatepark Needs Help!

    Angie Marie April 19, 2020

    4Seasons Skatepark is in danger of closing its doors. They need help to get them through this tough time. Jeff Klugiewicz has set a fundraiser for the park. Link to the fundraiser: https://www.gofundme.com/f/4seasons-skatepark-fund Covid19 has caused 4Seasons to shut its doors. And wouldn’t we all love to have a park to go to once we get past this period that is effecting each and everyone of our lives so much.…

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  • Day In The Life: Nikita Ducarroz

    Beatrice April 17, 2020

      After staying out in Holly Springs, North Carolina at the start of 2020, Nikita Ducarroz decided to make the move and become a permanent resident. Along with Daniel Wedemeijer as her coach for Tokyo, Nikita now lives and trains with a small group of Olympic-bound riders who all have a common goal. Just before the lockdown hit, Nikita takes you along on her typical day in North Carolina with…

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  • Vans Longest Manual Challenge

    Angie Marie April 14, 2020

    THE LONGEST MANUAL CHALLENGE Anyone and anything can manual (aka: wheelie) for a chance to win. Yes you can skate, but also you on a bike, your fingers on a tech deck, your dog on a rug, you draw one – it’s your call. Grab your phone and send us your best shot. Here are some guidelines to keep in mind: 1. Film you or someone doing a manual. Can…

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  • The Bloom BMX Sticker Packs

    Angie Marie April 13, 2020

    Includes 2 large (2 inches) and 3 small (1 inch) stickers. $5 USD // $6.94 CAD Available now: https://thebloombmx.bigcartel.com/product/the-bloom-bmx-sticker-pack

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