2014 Flatland Calendar Photo Shoot Update 9/13

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Here's a tiny preview on what we were working on last night for the 2014 flatland calendar. We came across some issues with our original location but we did find a back up that will hopefully come through in the pictures. Our back up had it's own set of issues... the public. Although most people were smart enough to walk around us, some walked right into the shooting area. I even had to fake cough, so that people would get the point and go behind me.

I can't thank Adam Mrowka enough for being our photographer, and being apart of this meaningful project.  Hopefully tonight's shoot will be the last and we won't need to do retakes! Rebecca was amazing. I know there were times when she was discourage but she was willing to do her combo over and over and over again, into the night.  She pours her heart into the flatland and it's just something you can only understand once you meet her.

To some, this calendar is just another marketing tool but to us, it's a milestone for women in BMX. If we're successful, Rebecca would be the very first female to be featured in the calendar. So as you can see, a pretty big deal to us. If you want to help or get involved, click here.

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