Train Like a Pro with Nadja Pries: Powerdot Smart Electric Muscle Stimulator

Angie MarieMarch 5, 2018

As an athlete, getting a massage is one of the things I look forward to the most, but the cost of getting one is increasing each year, booking an appointment with your favourite person isn’t always the easiest, and tipping is the worst. So what’s the alternative? Have you heard of a NMES unit? Are you thinking Dr. Ho? Close…. keep reading to learn more about this awesome technology, I also asked pro BMX racer Nadja Pries to share some info about her training and why she uses this too.

First what is a NMES unit? It stands for NeuroMuscular Electrical Stimulation. NMES targets the muscle itself, creating muscle contractions to recruit more muscle fibers when training; warming up or recovering. PowerDot it a portable device that does this and much more.

Beatrice: What does a normal week look like for you?

Nadja Pries: I am a student so basically all of my trainings are aligned with the classes so its quite a challenge for me and also my coach to fit all the training sessions into my daily routine. This is just an example. It always depends on the part of the season and my other commitments.

Monday: Gym
Tuesday: Track & Core
Wednesday: Gym & Sprints
Thursday: Track
Friday: Gym & Sprints
Saturday: Track
Sunday: Off

Beatrice: How were you introduced to PowerDot and what does it do for you?

Nadja Pries: Well I am doing my strength training at Reebok Crossfit Nürnberg. The owner of this gym was working together with PowerDot and introduced me to them (Thanks Drake!). They were pretty stoked about the sport of BMX racing and asked me if I would like to be a PowerDot Ambassador.

How is PowerDot used? PowerDot is controlled through your phone via Bluetooth, providing that you have something like an iphone that can support the app. I personally love that the pod is rechargeable through a USB cord, and the simple, easy to understand interface makes this an intuitive product to use.

Beatrice: As a competitive BMX racer, where on your body do you use PowerDot the most?

Nadja Pries: I have 4 favorite spots where I use PowerDot very often. It’s the calves, quads, IT band and my neck. I think every rider knows the feeling of tight legs. Of course I also use my foam-roller, but it’s still something completely different. I think it‘s really important to always feel fresh before you start a practice session to get the most out of it and your legs are not getting sore too fast.

Beatrice: There are many programs in PowerDot, like massage (my favourite), Active Recovery, Warm up and much more. What programs do you typically use, for when and why?

Nadja Pries: The massage program is also the one that I am using the most. It helps to decrease your muscle soreness and is perfect whenever you have the feeling of tight muscles.

After heavy trainings or races I also like the Recovery programs, which basically have a similar effect to a recovery ride. It keeps the blood moving, which allows the body to transport all the waste products out of the system. For BMX riders I also highly recommend the Explosive strength program, which can be used either during or after your strength training session to give that extra little stimulus to your muscles.

There you have it! It’s a product that I personally love and as you can see Nadja does too! If you have any questions about PowerDot, leave them below and we’ll try to get to you as soon as possible. Check them out at or For EU readers, use NADJA for 20% off.

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