FISE Hiroshima 2019 Results

Photo: Naoki Gaman

Women’s Freestyle Results: Finals

In the first of two runs, Hannah Roberts clipped her wheel and fell in a way that ended up having her to grasp her elbow and walk off, finishing her first run with a 9.25.

It looked bleak, and it was doubtful as Darryl Nau said, that she was going to be able to ride in her second run, damn were we wrong. Hannah comes back with a flawless 91.25 run, it was a major comeback which finished her in first place after being dead last. To top that off, Hannah did a double whip (first female to do it) for best trick. It was a good day for Hannah but we also want to congratulate everyone who competed this weekend, it was an amazing show put on by the women!

For just the highlights, check out Vital BMX’s edit below, to watch from beginning to end, visit the FISE channel here.

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Hannah Roberts 91.25
Lara Lessmann 84.12
Perris Benegas 84.00
Oike Minato 81.75

Chelsea Wolfe 77.75
Angie Marino 74.25
Nikita Ducarroz 73.50
Elizaveta Posadskikh 72.75

Nina Buitrago 69.00
Ellie Chew 67.25
Macarena Valentina Perez Gasset 62.25
Charlotte Worthington 61.62

Women’s Flatland Results: Finals

The women’s flatland finals were dominated by the Japanese, with the exception of Austrian rider Irina Sadovnik. Misaki Katigari was once again at the top of the rankings with first place, with her fluid run. In 2nd place Irina Sadovnik who made the trip to Japan from Vienna, brought on a very technical side to flatland, and lastly, Japanese rider Aya Nagaishi, rounded off the podium with 3rd place

Misaki Katagiri 78.75
Irina Sadovnik 70.50
Aya Nagaishi 69.00
Eri Funatsu 64.00

Photo: FlatlandBMXGirls

For more highlights and coverage, check out our Instagram and Facebook pages. We’ll be back with more FISE coverage 29 May-02 Jun 2019 when the tour moves on to Montpellier, France.

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