Bike Check : Perris Benegas

Perris Benegas Bike Check
Photos by : Angie Marino

Perris and I shot this bike check in the beginning of the year. A couple weeks after shooting these photos, one of the rims cracked. So, I wasn’t going to initially post this. After thinking about it, I’ve decided to publish this post because I think it’s really interesting to see innovation in the BMX industry.. even if it doesn’t work out the first time around. This year, USA Cycling really wanted us to lighten up our bikes. More so, our wheels for rotational weight. Perris and I were living in San Diego and using the Olympic Training Center on a weekly basis, which is where USA Cycling has an office. We were both asked if we wanted to test out carbon rims. I declined but, Perris agreed to test them out. Perris rode the wheels for a few weeks. She noticed that the rim was dented due to the tension of the spokes pulling after tightening multiple times. After that, Perris went back to her other wheels.

Frame: Cult Crew Frame size 20.5
Fork: Cult Race Fork
Bars: Cult Hawk Bars
Stem: Profile
Grips: Sensi
Seatpost: Cult
Seat: Cult
Pedals: Odyssey Trail Mix
Cranks: Profile
Sprocket: Profile
Front Tire: Maxxis Grifter
Front Wheel: Profile Elite hub, ti spokes, rim
Rear Tire: Maxxis Grifter
Rear Wheel: Profile Elite hub, ti spokes, rim
Pegs: None

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