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Anahí Valentina Interview

Anahí Valentina is one of the sweetest and most brave individuals I know. Get to know Anahí in this newest interview.

Gina Puglisi Interview

With over 100K followers on Instagram, Gina Puglisi is one busy girl! Get to know this BMX Freestyle rider from Argentina.

Chelsea Carbonell (Bruce) – Photographer

Get to know Chelsea Carbonell (Bruce) from Cleveland, Ohio and how she got into photography and shooting BMX.

Citlali Herrera Torres Interview

Citlali Herrera Torres is motivated to put Mexico on the board for women's BMX. Learn more about this BMX Freestyle rider today!

Maddy Mario – Photographer

Get to know Maddy Mario, a photographer, rider and a Parsons School of Design student, based out of New York City.

Julie Plousey Interview

Get to know this up and coming BMX Freestyle rider from Toul, France.

Lilly Voss Interview

USA BMX Champion Lilly the Boss Voss answers some questions in today's Bloom BMX interview.

Varvara Veremeichuk Interview

15 year old Varvara Veremeichuk answers a couple of questions, as we get to know her in today's interview.
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