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2021 Bloom BMX Brand of the Year

Announcing The 2021 Bloom BMX Brand of the Year

Chelsea Carbonell starts Radical BMX

New Ohio based, women owned brand.

Bloom BMX x The Pour Project Collaboration

The Bloom BMX and The Pour Project worked together to bring you these handmade resin sprocket coasters just in time for the holidays. Please do not install this on your bike, even with a...

Featured: Pedals

Featuring pedals ridden by some of your favourite riders.

PREORDER New Bloom Merch!

PREORDER New Bloom merch today! We have 3 new logo tees. All 3 come in black and white. PREORDER is from today (9/1) until Sunday (9/5). After PREORDER is over there will...

Teresa Fernandez Fly Bikes Signature Colorway

These are some exciting times with more and more frames with signature colorways coming into the market by female BMXers! Fly Bikes is coming out with a signature Teresa Fernandez Avocado Green...

Bike Bags You Love

Traveling might be a dream for some of us right now, but when it gets less tricky to do so, I'll be hitting the skies for sure, and definitely with my bike....

A to Z: BMX Style is now out!

The long-awaited "A to Z: BMX Style" is now out! We're super stoked about this book, not only is it about BMX but it was also written by BMX Racer Payton P-Nut...

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