The Bloom BMX Top 20 Moments of 2020

Holy wow, this year flew by! What was supposed to be a year filled with lots of trips, BMX freestyle’s Olympic debut, Vans Pro Cups and endless events, turned into a year of growth and progression in women’s BMX. We decided to honor our top 20 favorite moments in women’s BMX in 2020! In no particular order here are our top 20 favorite moments from this year:

1: The Bloom BMX One Year Anniversary

One Year Anniversary Post

It’s our one year anniversary! Thank you so much for supporting us, spreading the message and love throughout our community. This isn’t just a website covering women’s BMX, this is something much more special, created by 2 women who have been friends for over 15 years, passionate about seeing growth in women’s BMX.

2: Lara Lessmann & Nikita Ducarroz added to Redbull

Both Lara Lessmann and Nikita Ducarroz were added to the Redbull roster this year! Lara Lessmann’s announcement was at Simple Session in February and following with Nikita Ducarroz’s announcement only a few weeks ago.

3: Cultcrew Angie & Perris Video

4: Spotlight : Anahi Valentina

We caught up with Anahi Valentina.

Being raised in Ecuador, what was the BMX scene like growing up and how were you introduced to it?

Conocí el BMX en el skate park de la Carolina, en “La pista” hice muchos amigos y la mayoría eran bikers, me gustaba mucho su energía, como eran, se divertían mucho, un día me prestaron una bici y comencé a aprender, me gusto, llegaba feliz a mi casa a contarles lo que había aprendido en la bici, mis abuelitos me vieron motivada en un deporte y me regalaron mi primera bici, fue algo que me ayudó mucho porque yo quería hacer algo pero nunca me sentí tan bien con otro deporte, me enseñó muchas cosas, valores, amistades, lugares.

I discovered BMX at a skate park in la Carolina ” La Pista”. I made many friends and most of them were bikers. I really liked their energy and how much they enjoyed it. One day they let me use a bike and I really liked it. I would come home super happy and excited to share what I had learned on a bike. My grandparents saw that I was super motivated in a sport and they gave me my first bike. It was something that really helped me because I wanted to do something but could never feel with any other sport. It taught me a lot, from values, friendships and taking me to many places.

5: Keir Sirlin Rollin with Fit Bicycles

Fitbikeco adds Keir Sirlin to their family!

“We’re just gonna put this lil’ compilation right here so we can say we knew her when… introducing 10-year-old Keir Sirlin. Keir hails from Vancouver, Washington, has a little brother named Steele who also shreds, and skates great too! She loves BMX and we love her! Welcome to the squad Ms. Sirlin!

Follow Keir on Instagram!“ – Fitbikeco

6: Spotlight : Charlotte Worthington

We caught up with Charlotte Worthington.

In a short amount of time, British rider Charlotte Worthington has propelled in the freestyle world. In just 2019 alone, Charlotte finished 3rd in the world in points, became the 2019 European Continental champ, British National Champ and countless other accomplishments. We sat down with Charlotte for a deep dive into her BMX career so far.

7: 2020 Women’s Weekend at Ray’s MTB

2020 Women’s Weekend Post

Regardless if you ride BMX or another bicycle discipline, Women’s Weekend at Ray’s MTB in Cleveland, Ohio is the place to be. This annual event is a great opportunity to meet new friends, see old ones, learn new skills and progress in a welcoming, and encouraging environment, let’s not forget the swag too.

This year we were sponsors of this annual event, which is a crucial part of developing the involvement of women in cycling, and we look forward to being sponsors again in the future! Our good friend Brant Moore made this wonderful edit below, which goes into detail a little deeper as to why Women’s Weekend at Rays is amazing!

8: Spotlight : Jesse Gregory

We caught up with Jesse Gregory.

“I got introduced to BMX from my dad’s friend’s son when I was 9. He had a birthday party at Orange Y BMX track and I instantly fell in love with it, so my dad started taking me regularly and got me a proper race bike.”

9: Maca Grasset added to Monster Energy

From the Monster Energy website: Macarena Pérez Grasset is a 23-year-old athlete born in Santiago, Chile. The second of 4 brothers, who at the age of 11 got on a bicycle for the first time, since she had a Bike Park in front of his house and was motivated to continue in the BMX until today.

10: Spotlight : Sasha Pardoe

We caught up with Sasha Pardoe.

Since I started BMX, I’ve always been to as many comps as I can! I love working hard in the lead up to comps, focusing on my runs and all the nerves leading up to the podium, it all pays off! Also, the atmosphere in the comps of all the riders is amazing! My first comp was on a WETHEPEOPLE Arcade at Reddich, I loved the feeling of just having the park to yourself and being able to do what you want to do!

11: Ellie Chew joins Nitro Circus Australia

Ellie Chew joins the Nitro Circus crew for the You Got This Tour in Australia! Lands double back flip and her first front flip!

12 : Simple Session : Sister Session

After an 8 year hiatus, Simple Session brought back Sister Session for 2020! Hopefully Sister Session will be here to stay :).

13: Hannah Roberts becomes first girl to land a flip whip

Link to video HERE

14: Sophia Foresta joins Mongoose USA BMX Foundation

Sophia Foresta to Join Mongoose and USA BMX Foundation

“I am so excited to join the Mongoose/USA BMX Foundation team,” said Sophia. “The ability to combine my two passions of BMX racing and education is a dream come true, and I am so thankful for the opportunity. See you at the track!”

15: Hannah Roberts wins Our BMX’s Nora Cup Women’s Rider of the Year

A huge congratulations to Hannah Roberts for winning the 2020 Nora Cup Women’s Rider of the Year. Hannah is the second woman to win this cup, with 2019 going to Nina Buitrago. Check out the video Our BMX put together – it’s quite a tear-jerker! Congratulations Hannah!!

16: Perris Benegas joins Demolition Parts

We love seeing companies pick up female riders – I mean, I am a little biased I guess… but truthfully if I see a female rock a specific brand, I’m more inclined to open my wallet for them! A big congratulations to Perris Benegas as she joins Demolition this year! We reached out to both parties for more thoughts on each other… awe <3

Perris on joining Demolition
For 2020 I’ll be riding for Cult and Demolition. No, there isn’t a conflict with Cult as Demolition is parts only. I’ll still be running a Cult frame. One of the things that has always stood out to me about Demo was their team. It’s stacked with some of the best riders and all-around good people. I have always been stoked to see videos from their latest trips. My decision was made immediately when the offer presented itself. I’m looking forward to hopping in the van and experiencing one of those trips that I’ve enjoyed seeing in the videos. I’m super excited to see what this year brings with them.

Demolition on Perris
Perris is an all-around ripper. We love how she can ride a bowl. Her style fits well with the rest of the team. And I think I can speak for the rest of the crew, we are all big fans of Perris B.

17: Lizsurley and Queensaray: the jungle freestylers

Redbull recently released this beautiful mini doc with Columbian twins Lizsurely and Queensuray. The video is currently being streamed on Redbull Tv, link below.

Way of the Wildcard S2 E2
Discover the story of how identical twins Lizsurley and Queensaray, who grew up in the Colombian jungle, first got into BMX and overcame a lack of resources to go on to become Olympic hopefuls.

Link to video:

18: Angie Marino for FUSE Protection

FUSE would like to officially welcome Angie Marino to the PRO team. Angie is one of today’s rising stars in BMX and we are extremely excited to team up with her for 2020. Angie is currently riding our new OMEGA series Knee/Shin combo pads which are now available worldwide.

Full Story Here:

19: Spotlight : Naoki Gaman

We caught up with our photographer Naoki Gaman.

Naoki has the kind of energy that’s uplifting, bubbly and fun, and as riders, not only do we look forward to seeing her around the world, but we also hope to be captured in her lenses. Naoki has a photography style that is easily identifiable. She’s able to capture not only candid moments but also perfectly timed action shots. Today we’re interviewing our photographer, Naoki Gaman!

20: Eduarda Duda Penso Bordignon joined GT Bicycles

Link to Eduarda’s interview

Congratulations on getting added to the GT family, this is huge! How did this happen Duda?

Thank you so much girls, this moment is an immense joy ? <3 I follow and admire GT since I was a little girl, known for being one of the great supporters of BMX since the 70s, they are pioneers in the sport, creating a beautiful trajectory that lasts until today, I saw great athletes using the brand’s products and I was inspired by many of them, I loved seeing the cool bikes they used, and I really wanted to be able to use those parts. I am pleased to have my friends as my idols, I have always accompanied Gustavo “Bala Loka” and Leandro Overall, and I have always loved the affection that GT has with them, I realized how much they liked our country and the athletes that emerged from here. Some time ago I wanted to try something with GT, and starting from that a few months ago. I started a conversation with Ben, who promptly answered me, I was extremely welcomed, we talked about the possibility of starting some partnership with the brand, commented a little about me, my history with BMX, and my admiration and desire to be part of the GT family, right after that I also started a conversation with Jeff (Zielinski) through Ben, in the same way, I was very well received. And in the end, as a result, I had the great happiness of being invited to be part of the family that I longed for, representing a brand that you have always liked is exciting.


All in all, I think 2020 has been an amazing year for women’s BMX. We have seen so much progression, a lot of new faces, so many young girls getting on bikes and a lot of new sponsorships! The future is looking bright :). Happy New Years everyone and cheers to making 2021 even better!

<3 Angie & Beatrice

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