• Spotlight: Jessica Ausec

    Beatrice February 20, 2012

    Jessica was kind enough to make some time to answer a few questions, as she’s busy filming for Chick Flick. Here is a bit of insight from Jessica Ausec. Where you are from? Denver, CO When did you start riding? Not sure how long it’s…

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  • Spotlight: Brooke Betancourt

    Beatrice February 18, 2012

    I hope you guys enjoyed the previous spotlight on Kiera, our next interviewee hails from South Milwaukee Wisconsin which is known for beer and fish fry according to wikipedia. She originally started out skateboarding, but later moved onto bikes instead, good choice. Say hello, to…

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  • Spotlight: Kiera Bonifacio

    Beatrice February 16, 2012

    As you may know, Magnolia BMX will be supporting the girls class this year, at the 2012 Toronto BMX Jam. We’re going to cover as much as possible during those three days (March 2- 4) and update live every night. Compared to last year, this…

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  • Spotlight: Karla Wright

    Beatrice October 31, 2009

    When I first bought my BMX bike in 2005, I searched long and far (Google) for other female riders such as myself, it wasn’t long until I found duo Nina Buitrago and Stacey Mulligan. Today there’s definitely a lot more female riders across the continent,…

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  • Spotlight: Cory Coffey

    Beatrice June 12, 2009

    Cory Coffey, originally famed for being the first female to do a back flip on a bike, also holds two BMX World titles under her belt. Today, she’s traveling all over to attend camps, to help young generation of girls get involve in BMX. Now…

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  • Spotlight: Crystal Shepherd

    Beatrice May 13, 2009

    What’s your name, who are you, and are you old enough to get drunk? I am Crystal Shepherd from Port Macquarie Australia. I am 19 years old so yes old enough to get drunk here. Sponsors? My sponsors are Eastern Bikes (Dirtworks Australia) and Graham…

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